Wednesday, October 28, 2009

State Your Business!

Students are trying their hand at building their own business.

Torchwood Institute is the name of Arkantos's new business.

The first boat club & business on ToMorrow Island is Razer's Boat Club.

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Going Greek

Can you recognize any of the Greek gods in this picture?

It seems the Greek gods are having an election to vote one of the gods off of Mt. Olympus. They have hired 6th graders to make their commercials and the 6th graders have asked us to help.

Transforming the island is underway. Students are busy building sets, creating avatar looks for the various gods, and terraforming Mr. Olympus.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Welcome World!

ToMorrow Island is The Elisabeth Morrow School's private estate on Teen Second Life. Inhabited by crew of creative and industrious 8th grader students, a community is taking shape in this virtual space.

This blog is our account of life on the island with all of the ups, downs, triumphs and drama. Enjoy the ride!